Clownfish, Philippines. Photo by Stephane Rochon.

Un atlas de sites de plongée fait par des plongeurs pour les plongeurs
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Borders 7 0
Central Scotland 1 0
Highlands and Islands 9 0
Lothian 1 0
Orkney Isles 13 1
Strathclyde 18 0


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Black Carrs
United Kingdom

Black Carrs
United Kingdom

United Kingdom

United Kingdom

 Dernières plongée

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Wannadiver avatar
By Wannadiver
Jul 26, 2009
Finnart 26/07 -
Wannadiver avatar
By Wannadiver
Jul 4, 2009
Eyemouth Training Dive -
bealessteve avatar
St Abbs Harbour
By bealessteve
Mar 26, 2009
Cathedral Rock -
markcra avatar
SMS Markgraf
By markcra
Oct 7, 2008
- Missed the previous days diving as I couldn't clear my ears. Flew down the shot line to meet the rudders of the Markgraf. Battleship lies upside-down, proceeded along sea bed on starboard side stopping to view casement guns (5.9" bore
markcra avatar
SMS Cöln
By markcra
Oct 5, 2008
- Watched as a school of fish passed over the deck and onto the hull. Spotted a lobter that had made himself comfortable in the deck of the wreck. Visibility was good. Nitrox 32% Buddy: William

 Derniers voyages

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markcra avatar
Trip: Scapa Flow 2008
By markcra
From Oct 4, 2008 to Oct 10, 2008
A week aboard the Sunrise, diving the scuttled German High Seas Fleet. This was my first experience of a live-aboard and although it looked a little small the boat served us well. With the exception of one failed attempt to drop onto the Taba

Trip: Aquabash 2001
By Scubatigger
From Apr 22, 2001 to Apr 27, 2001



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