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Germany, Baden-Wuerttemberg

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Datum: WGS84 [ Aide ]
Précision: Exact

Historique GPS (2)

Latitude: 49° 5.817' N
Longitude: 8° 33.117' E

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Comment ? Depuis le bord

Distance Petite marche (< 5min)

Facile à trouver ? Facile à trouver

 Caractéristiques du site

Autre nom Metzgerallmendsee

Prof. moyenne 15 m / 49.2 ft

Prof. max 22 m / 72.2 ft

Courant Pas de courant

Visibilité Moyen ( 5 - 10 m)


Qualité du site Normal

Expérience Tous niveaux

Intérêt bio Pauvre

Plus d'infos

Fréquentation semaine 

Fréquentation week-end 

Type de plongée

- Eau douce

Activités plongée


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supportdiver avatar
Obok supportdiver
paź 3, 2009
Untergrombach 1 -
MadKraut avatar
Obok MadKraut
sty 3, 2009
Deep and cold experience - Very good dive to check the efficiency of our equipment and ourselves in rather harsh conditions. We did very well in the end, but we didnt see much. I am convinced there is much more to see during summer, and when you are going more shallow. The onl
MadKraut avatar
Obok MadKraut
sty 3, 2009
Look at the wimps in the dry the suits !! - The first dive today with my buddy Claus, Tyson and Klaus. Klaus was the only one diving in a wet suit today (air was -5 °C, water 2-3°C !). Later during the dive we lost contact to Klaus and Tyson and got an idea of the non-trivial

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De Dutch_Diver , 09-05-2009

Untergrombach - Visibility varies from time to time and there is not so much to see.
But it´s a good training site and you can go there wennever you want to.

De MadKraut , 15-02-2009

The coldest dive I've done so far ... - Very honestly ? There is really not much to see here, at least not duribng the winter, but it is a great place to train your uw navigation skills, and you can get reasonably deep here to train your contenance in harsh conditions (depth + cold). So did my buddy Claus and I on January 3rd this year, when it was freezing cold ! Some other divers computers said ground temperature was between 2-3 °C. We headed out towards the middle of the lake and decended to 23m. The bottom is mostly sand. One of the two things we found was the support of a sunshade plugged into the ground, just as if it was a remain from better days, when the pit was not flooded and it was not as freezing cold as it was today ,;-) The other thing was a concrete block with a metal ring attached to it. Looked like it was some sort of an anchor that once held something into position. There was even some ice on the surface, but only around the island. The bottom itself can be very confusing, as it has many ups and downs. Thats why its a good place to train navigation, because you are forced to use and trust your compass instead of being able to follow a rising slope in order to get to the shore. I you dont, you may easily find yourself surfacing right in the middle ;-)) Anyway, whatever you do there, please dive safely and have fun ! Regards, Martin

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