Whale Shark, Philippines. Photo by Stephane Rochon.

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La Doux de Coly

This excellent dive spot is only 25 minutes North of Ottawa, a short drive through the scenic hilly vistas of Quebec and you can also bungee jump here too.

Mrs. Morrison and her sons run this quarry, hence the name. It costs $10 to park and dive/swim/bbq/chill out at the quarry and anyone can go but if you dive you need your FUQS Quebec Dive permit, found at Sharkys Scuba supply in Ottawa.

We only dove to around 50-60 as it got to around 62 F and I did not have proper protection - mistake on my part as I did not expect it to be that cold. Did not have a hood or proper boots on so swam around 50 feet.

Vis was anywhere from 20-30 feet, the best all summer. Saw a pike, which is near the end of the video. Very random in a limestone quarry but maybe they thrive in that environment, what do I know.

Awesome dive, will go back. 03:12

Morrison Quarry

Molasses Reef, Florida Keys 03:03

Molasses Reef
United States of America

The MV Alma Jane Express, scuttled in Puerto Galera in March 2003, is a 60-ton 115-foot Japanese cargo ship built in 1966. Depth on the sea floor/cargo hold is 30m and 22m on the upper deck.

I usually take pictures with my underwater point and click but instead tried taking video with my new GoPro Hero 3 Silver. This is my second ever attempt at video editing.

I enjoyed this excellent dive with Action Divers http://www.actiondivers.com

Music is "Hannibal" by Caribou. No copyright infringement is intended. I am not making money off this video. 03:58

M-V Alma Jane Wreck


photo de plongée

Bunaken Fukui

photo de plongée


photo de plongée

Three Palms

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