Clownfish, Philippines. Photo by Stephane Rochon.

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Rick's reef

Diving in Lake Kournas, Northern Crete - Greece in Fall 2008. Buddy : Joanna Camera : SeaLife DC600 Music : Israel Kamakawiwo'ole "Somewhere Over The Rainbow" 03:29

Limni Kournas

East Pacific Red Octopus, Octopus rubescens have been nesting at various sites along The Redondo Canyon. We have been fortunate to witness the developing embryos and their guardian mothers caring for the eggs until hatching. 02:37

Redondo Beach Artificial Reef
United States of America


photo de plongée

Archery Range
United States of America

photo de plongée


photo de plongée

Coral Cave

  Quoi de neuf

  • 14 nov. 
    [ Site ] La Gaviota Mexico, Baja California, La Paz Isla Partida
  • 14 nov. 
    [ Site ] C29 Mexico, Baja California, La Paz Isla Partida
  • 14 nov. 
    [ Site ] Swanee Reef Mexico, Baja California, La Paz Isla Partida
  • 14 nov. 
    [ Site ] La Tintorera Mexico, Baja California, La Paz Isla Partida
  • 14 nov. 
    [ Site ] Sandy Slope Indonesia, Bali, Menjangan island
  • 10 nov. 
    [ Site ] Barco Encayado Mexico, Baja California, Isla Cerralvo
  • 08 nov. 
    [ Site ] Manta Point Indonesia, Bali, Nusa Penida
  • 04 nov. 
    [ Site ] Delfin Beach Resort Reef Bonaire, Bonnaire South
  • 04 nov. 
    [ Photo ] Aer Banua 4 Indonesia, Sulawesi, Bangka.
  • 04 nov. 
    [ Site ] Aer Banua 4 Indonesia, Sulawesi, Bangka
  • 04 nov. 
    [ Photo ] Aer Banua 3 Indonesia, Sulawesi, Bangka.
  • 04 nov. 
    [ Site ] Aer Banua 3 Indonesia, Sulawesi, Bangka
  • 04 nov. 
    [ Site ] Banc de Chicharvel France, Aquitaine, Basque Coast
  • 04 nov. 
    [ Site ] Small Wall Bonaire, Bonnaire North
  • 30 oct. 
    [ Site ] Aer Banua 2 Indonesia, Sulawesi, Bangka
  • 30 oct. 
    [ Site ] Aer Banua 1 Indonesia, Sulawesi, Bangka
  • 29 oct. 
    [ Site ] Batu Pelangi Indonesia, Sulawesi, Bangka
  • 29 oct. 
    [ Site ] Tanjung Arus Indonesia, Sulawesi, Bangka
  • 28 oct. 
    [ Photo ] Club 54 Tanzania, Pemba, Pemba North. More corals of Club 54
  • 28 oct. 
    [ Photo ] Club 54 Tanzania, Pemba, Pemba North. Corals of Club 54
  • 28 oct. 
    [ Site ] Club 54 Tanzania, Pemba, Pemba North
  • 28 oct. 
    [ Site ] Lighthouse Tanzania, Pemba, Pemba North
  • 24 oct. 
    [ Site ] Crab Wall Indonesia, Sulawesi
  • 22 oct. 
    [ Site ] Pasir Puth Indonesia, Sulawesi
  • 22 oct. 
    [ Site ] Sabora 1 Indonesia, Sulawesi, Bangka

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