Clownfish, Philippines. Photo by Stephane Rochon.

Un atlas de sites de plongée fait par des plongeurs pour les plongeurs
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De Iakovost , 14-06-2011

Access to northern parts of Cyprus. - The above is half true. You can access the occupied part of Cyprus, but it is illegal entering from Turkey. You can enter from checkpoints after entering legally fron Lanraca or Pafos international airports. If you enter from the illegal airport that is located in the occupied part of Cyprus and then try to visit the free part of Cyprus, you will be arrested. Unfortunatly the invasion of Turkey in Cyprus caused such problems and we hope one day all this will be solved.

De Anonymous , 24-08-2009

Access to North Cyprus - Hi Im from Spain, the comment which is done above is not true this is another lie of greek I have been to North Cyprus via Turkey and never had a single problem, turks are very friendly..I loved North Cyprus and will go back again :)

De DOCTOR , 17-03-2009

HBOT - There is Hyperbaric Oxygen Treatment Center in Nicosia State Hospital in North Cyprus for divers since 2005...

De DOCTOR , 17-03-2009

Oldest Ship Wreck Site - Kyrenia Wreck Museum in North Cyprus houses the oldest trading ship known to us with her cargo, which was raised from the bottom of the sea. One of the greatest diving sites where she raised.. You can visit the museum or dive the site... Visit North Cyprus ...

De DOCTOR , 17-03-2009

Visit North Cyprus - We have more than 40 dive sites... 9 Dive clubs of schools and 7 dive clubs of universities... You can visit North Cyprus from South (larnaca airport) or from Turkey to nicosia Ercan Airport... Come and visit...

De Anonymous , 30-12-2006

Cyprus access - There is no Official Turkish Cypriot administrative in the island.
Turkey occupied the North part of the island by violence in 1974, and sent away 200.000 persons (refugees) from their homes The only country that regognizes the North part of the island as official state, is Turkey.

You have to mention that the North part of the island is only officially accesible from Cyprus Rebublic's official airports (Larnaka-Pafos). Anyone who arrives in the island throw the illegable airports of the Northern
part, might have problems with Cyprus republic's laws if he attempt to pass to the Southern part of the island.

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