Whale Shark, Philippines. Photo by Stephane Rochon.

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Titre : Seraya Secrets, Bali

Description : Seraya Secrets, nearby to Tulamben in North East Bali, is an exellent muck dive known for weird and wonderful critters. A small school of batfish hang around the artificial reef project in the shallows. A little deeper we find two thorny seahorses, a school of juvenile striped eel catfish, a porcelain anemone crab and two different nudibranchs. Also featuring a scrawled filefish on a branching tube sponge, a white-spotted puffer, a yellowmargin triggerfish, a snowflake moray eel swimming in search for food, a purple long tentacle anemone, a sebae anemonefish and a juvenile oriental sweetlips. Shot in May 2006 with http://www.AquaMarineDiving.com More Bali diving videos at http://www.bubblevision.com/underwater-videos/Bali/

Mots clé : Seraya Secrets, Seraya, Bali, Tulamben, Indonesia, scuba diving, diving, underwater, Nick Hope, Aquamarine, travel, nature, nudibranch, Asia, muck diving, critters, fish, Bubble Vision, yt:quality=high

Notation : 5.00

Durée : 00:01:49

Video soumise par Nick Hope (09-07-2012)


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