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 Umbria Wreck

Port Sudan

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Titre : Diving Wreck of Umbria (Part 1 of 3: Wreck overview)

Description : Diving Wreck of Umbria (Part 1 of 3: Wreck overview) The Umbria is 150-meters long freighter, built in Hamburg in 1912 and originally known as the Bahia Blanca. It was used during World War I as a freighter and was sold to the Italians in 1935 to be used as a cargo and troopship. On its final voyage in 1940 it was operated by Italians who were transporting over 350,000 bombs amongst other war supplies. The British stopped the Umbria at Port Sudan during the Second World War, as it was clear that Italians were carrying weapons for the enemy. The Umbria was ordered to be handed over, but rather than let this happen the Italians scuttled their own ship. The Umbria sank with its cargo, and today the wreck lies on its Port side at a 60 degree angle at a depth range of 5 -- 36 meters. The Umbria can be ranked as a one of the best wreck dive sites in the world.

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Durée : 00:13:13

Video soumise par Kai Kaasalainen (01-04-2012)

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